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Truly amazing!

I'm using your pack on my Visual Novel, your page is included within a Credits.txt file!


Hello, thank you for the music, I use it for the credits menu for my little game Dyslexia.

Hello! Thank you for sharing this beautiful music. I used it in my VN, but the game is written in Ukrainian, game's name translated like "In a stained glass window".

Hello! I had some questions, but I can't seem to find any contact info (email/etc). Could you please email me at ? I'm looking for a musician for my next game

Beautiful emotional theme

Thank you SO much for sharing this, it’s such a beautiful track. I used it in my VN, it loops so so well <3

How should I credit you?

Hello, "MayraG" is great, thank you!

This one minute track is endless, thanks a lot.

I am using this for a game jam. Perfect fit for my game! thanks

I'm glad to hear that! Thanks.

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Thanks 😁